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We feel that everyone should be able to drink freshly squeezed fruit when they feel like it. That’s why tonnes of fresh fruit are delivered to us every day in Brämhult. We squeeze it straightaway, five days a week, making it as close to home-squeezed as you can get!
Choose from one of our many great bottled juices, or try Brämhults Morning, 100% fruit that is squeezed with care straight after harvesting.

Brämhults Juice AB is a highly regarded company that has been appointed as a Royal Warrant Holder for juice in Sweden. This means that the company is entitled to use the state coat of arms on its products, together with the words “Kunglig Hovleverantör”.

Royal Warrant Holder status is given when a company is requested by the royal court to supply goods to a member of the Swedish royal family. It is a sign that the products are appreciated by the royal family and the title is a mark of high-quality Swedish goods. How often goods are sold by royal warrant holders to the court depends on the nature of the goods. Products such as juice and bread are naturally supplied fairly often, while items such as cars and jewellery are supplied less often.

Sweden has been a monarchy for over 1,000 years, and merchants have been supplying goods to the royal family all that time. Each new king and queen has remained true to their own royal warrant holders. The current king, Carl XVI Gustaf, and the queen have 130 royal warrant holders, and Brämhults is the only supplier of freshly squeezed juice.

For Brämhults Juice this honour is a cherished mark of the standard of quality that our freshly squeezed juices maintain.